Manufacturing Quality

Delivering Quality

Jambette's manufacturing quality is not a marketing formula, but the result of strict compliance with quality standards. Well-trained employees, modern production tools, efficient, thorough processes and controls at every stage of production ensure the consistently high quality of all our manufactured products.

Pre-assembly, Packaging and Delivery

Jambette believes that any work done in the workshop is better than work done onsite. For that reason, we value factory prefabrication where working in a controlled environment offers many benefits, including making onsite installation much easier and significantly reducing installation costs.


Failure to meet delivery deadlines and damage to products during transportation can occur when large products are shipped over long distances. Jambette has implemented two solutions to make this part of the process easier, more efficient and less costly:

  • A high quality packaging system that includes heat-shrink wrapping of shipped products;
  • Responsive and customized tracking of shipped packages supported by friendly, dedicated after-sales service staff.

Quality of Materials

  • Nearly 90% of all our materials are sourced in Canada

Extensive use of Aluminum

  • Improves durability by eliminating rust
  • Makes transportation and installation easier by reducing structure weight

  • Represents a sustainable development initiative through local sourcing and a high level of recycling