We are Jambette

We are Jambette

Jambette is the Canadian leader in the design and manufacture of outdoor playground equipment. We have more than 100 employees, we have two playground industry subsidiaries, we distribute our equipment all across Canada and the company has a growing foothold in the United States.

The 5 strengths of Jambette

  • Innovations every year!
  • Customization of your projects
  • Unmatched initial quality
  • Unique, ultra-robust anchoring system
  • Pre-assembly for easy installation


Jambette designs playground equipment with precision, using a product development process carefully fine-tuned over the years.

We count on the best designers and technicians to create top-quality, original and innovative play structures and fun thematic spaces that stimulate children day after day.

A 6-step process

1-Market: Your needs


  • Children's needs
  • Industrial and architectural design trends
  • Purchasing and maintenance costs

2- Design: Our vision


  • Thematic guidelines
  • Sketching
  • 3D rendering

3- Prototyping: Our experiments


  • Product correction and modification
  • Cost reduction

4- Manufacturing: Our thorough process

Optimisation of quality and features

5- Safety: Your expectations

CSA compliance

  • Application of standard tests

6- Launch: Your playground facilities


  • Product evaluation
  • Continuous improvement